ATTENTION MEN & WOMEN 30 + Who Want To Lose Up To 8lb Of Stubborn Body Fat

Discover How Working Out For Just 10 Minutes A Day In Your Own Home Will Shed Up To  8lbs Of Stubborn Body Fat In Just 21 Days.

Military Fitness Coach Reveals Proven Training Method That Will Build Lean Muscle & Reveal Your Sculpted Torso.

 And You Won’t Even Use Any Equipment

I know how hard it is, you sit on the sofa once the kids are in bed, or you have just finished your shift at work, and you scroll through social media and
every other post is about someone working out, someone losing weight or fitting into a new outfit that is so many sizes smaller than a month ago…
You want that success right?
You want to be the one that is showing off your new figure, your new outfit, you want to make everybody jealous about the amount of unwanted fat you have lost. I know it’s hard, all the odds are stacked against you with everything that is going on in life. Work, kids, other commitments, etc.
I coach 100’s of men and women who are in the exact same position as you, all suffering with the exact same problem.
The good news is THERE IS A SOLUTION, and I want to share it with you.
It’s my job to share my SOLUTION to you, it’s why I became a fitness coach, to help people like you get what they want.
To end that pain and transform your body.
I want to reveal the unique workout routines that I have used on 100’s of my members to achieve incredible transformations.
Our members are creating the bodies they have dreamed of following these workouts at our classes.
This programme has been laid out to target  any unwanted body fat and begin to build muscle tone, so that you can start to reveal a leaner, more toned version of you!
For the last few months I have been working non stop to bring you this unbeatable formula to help you shed up to 8lbs of body fat,
in your own front room, to help you achieve the success you want.


Following James training programme helped me achieve the body I really wanted. I felt so much stronger, I felt much more confident in myself and the clothes that I wore.

The training was great I enjoyed the routines that were put together and it challenged me at the level I was at.

I would definitely recommend the training routines involved in James’ programmes.


You Aren’t Getting The Results You Want Because
  • You have hit a brick wall when it comes to fat loss.
  • You don’t have the energy, everyday life has drained you & all you want to do is crash on the sofa.
  • When you do work out you’re not achieving the figure you crave, deserve or work for as there is no structure or routine.
  • You don’t know how to achieve the body you deserve. You go to the gym and don’t know where to start because you lack the knowledge.
  • You’re too insecure to go and join a workout class because of what people may think of you.
  • You keep looking for that quick fix and it never works out for you and you’ve been frustrated at other’s success on social media.
  • You’re not fitting into the clothes you want to wear or used to wear, constantly looking in the mirror and feeling miserable with the reflection which is knocking your confidence
  • You have no motivation or direction to get out of the front door to change your life, because everyday stresses have worn you out.


James’ unique style of programming has helped me to change my body shape. The workouts are challenging but MASSIVELY rewarding.

It was all about developing for me sticking to the plan, and watching the results. I would fully recommend James’ training.

Jemima Hilton-Berry East sussex

This is a PROVEN FORMULA that will be different from any type of programme you’ve done before.
It’s SECRETS are based on training techniques, routines used to develop military Commandos with their conditioning.
The programme blueprint is so unique and efficient that it was chosen and designed to train the strongest fighting force in the world.
For you to get these results with me in person you would be easily paying up to £400 per month.
But you will pay only a fraction of that cost for this programme.
I’m so excited to have put this together for you, to guide you to making the changes you’re desperate to make.
Change Your Routine!
Do you go to the gym, use the treadmill or cross trainer for around 30 minutes, do you do this every gym session?
Do you hit 100’s of crunches or sit ups to try and get that toned tummy look, and all you do is kill your back, become more frustrated that nothing is happening?
Many people do because they don’t know how to get the best results and end up wasting money on a gym membership or spending thousands on Personal Trainers to get those results.
Stop Wasting Your Time And Money
This process is just never going to work for you, your body is simply not going to change doing the same thing over and over again, in fact it can have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.
In this programme I am going to show you exercises you may not have even seen before.
I’m going to show you how fun and challenging burning up to 8lbs of body fat can be, without a cross trainer or treadmill in sight.
You will work on a multitude of workouts that will develop all round strength and toning.
Isolated core exercises that will develop muscle in your torso helping you to tone up. It will also begin to target unwanted stubborn belly fat that will just not shift no matter what you do, you have to challenge the body with compound movements with short bursts of intensity.
It’s Time For A Change

JB training has literally changed my life. At 45 I had put on a bit of middle age spread. I took the plunge and decided to do something about it. Fitness had always been important to me but I had kind of lost my way. James Boardman made me feel instantly welcome and put me through my paces. Very soon I began to feel the benefits along with the old adage of ‘no pain no gain’.

I now feel fitter, stronger, healthier and much more motivated. I think my before and after pictures speak for themselves. I was podgy and undefined but within 6 weeks I was strong, lean and healthy. The programme is designed to achieve maximum results and its highly addictive. It really works, I have lost almost a stone in weight and feel much better about myself. I’ve now got the JB fitness bug along with many other like minded people who have committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend it.

Mark Ling East Sussex, UK

What Can You Get From The Programme?

    • Train at anytime of the day around your everyday commitments.
    • It allows you to follow a structured proven formula to begin burning body fat.
    • Allows you ownership of your health and wellbeing.
    • Puts an end to your unhappiness.
    • Help you to achieve up to your first 8lbs of fat loss and gain muscle to begin achieving the toned torso and body look.
    • To be coached in new exercises and techniques, to perform exercises effectively.
    • To know exactly how to perform the workout routines to achieve the very best results possible.
    • Workout everyday but no longer than 8-13 minutes per session.
There Are 10,080 Minutes In A Week
This Programme Commits You To between 65-75 Of Them


  • Help establish good eating habits that will supply your body with the right foods you need to kick start that metabolism and help shed body fat.

My name is James Boardman and my passion in life is to help as many people around the world as possible.

I want you to believe in yourself and get you up out of that sofa and transform your body to the one you’re craving and deserve.

If I could travel to every town and city to put on this programme I would, but that just isn’t possible.

I can coach you, guide and motivate you to losing up to 8lbs of fat.
I want to create the new you, vibrant, confident, positive, sexier, 8lb lighter.
I have worked in the fitness industry for 10 yrs.
I worked as a military fitness instructor In the strongest most renowned
fighting force in the world, where only the highest standards are accepted.
This is where I learnt the secrets to creating effective programmes to train 1000’s of Royal Marine recruits through Commando training.
These guys are regarded as the strongest, fittest and most conditioned soldiers in the world.
I now currently run a fitness company that has helped turn around 100’s of lives, by constantly delivering results, lifestyle improvements and mindsets thanks to our structured programming, which I want to share with you.
I have taken this unique formula and used it to create massive success at our fitness camp, it is the same formula that you will use to start burning stubborn belly fat.

With my wedding coming up I wanted to lose some baby weight I had gained from pregnancy. I joined Bodyshock fitness, immediately I was hooked! Exercise became addictive! The sessions were enjoyable and varied.

Very quickly I started to see results, my body shape changed, I became more toned and slimmer! Not only that I felt much stronger, healthier and had more energy. Thank you James

Emma Li

Our Clients Are Turning Their Lives Around With Our Training

  • Clients are wearing the clothes they want to wear at the sizes they feel amazing in.
  • They are getting results by varying their workouts and changing their work routine.
  • They are proud to look in the mirror and love themselves and feel amazing as they walk down the street.
  • No more feeling insecure to take your top off, putting on your swimwear to swim with their children, wearing clothes that exposes your body, shorts in the summer.
  • Attracting the opposite sex. Our clients have upped their sex appeal with their new bodies, we have happy wives and husbands as they witness their partners body transformations.
  • Having focus in their lives, having more energy to be active with their family.
  • Getting up in the morning ready for the day, rather then being sluggish and tired.
  • Workout 4 times a week, for workouts no longer than 10 minutes per session.
  • Ending the misery of worrying about their weight gain all the time.
  • Posting pictures on social media, and getting compliments on how amazing they look.
  • Setting an amazing example to their children.
But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for me. Before I knew anything about fitness.
I was the guy hitting literally 100’s of sit ups, running mile after mile on the treadmill, getting frustrated at getting no where, not burning any body fat, not getting results.
I tried various methods to establish my toned tummy, but always failed and it affected my confidence because I felt I was wasting my time, my effort levels dwindled because of this.
My eating habits were awful, I didn’t know what to eat or when… life sucked!
I have always wanted the toned torso, it’s always been a personal goal of mine.
No matter what I did, no matter how hard I trained I just could not get the torso I was after I did not have the knowledge to get me there.
I then attended the Royal Marine military fitness training course, and adopted a new method of training.
This training formula’s methods were to change the way I approached exercise and eating, and the methods I would use to develop my muscle and torch my body fat.
Within weeks of taking part in the course and following a simple disciplined approach to these new exercises, routines, new foods, I could now begin to see my stubborn body fat disappearing and was forming a chiselled torso to be proud of.
I quickly adapted these amazingly simple routines to my personal programming and I was so happy with the results.
When you look good, you feel good and life is a whole lot better.
This is me at 36 competing in the top 5 at a Spartan race.
After learning these valuable training methods, and spending years perfecting the perfect programme with 100’s of clients & recruits, I felt I had no choice other than to create this programme, and share it with you.
It’s my job to be able to share these TOP SECRETS with you.
The programme could not be easier to follow along
The programme will run over a period of 21 day’s,
Performing 21 x 8-13 minute workouts in the luxury of your own home.
Each week will be progressive with 3 stages to follow over the 21 days.
The programme consists of isolated core exercises that will challenge all angles of your torso,
You will also perform all over body weight exercises with short bursts of high intensity, to attack fat stores immediately.
You will develop compound movements that will challenge more then one muscle group accelerating the rate of fat loss and the development of muscle, which in turn will accelerate your results and the process to reveal that much wanted toned body.
The programme requires NO EQUIPMENT

I have been working out in the gym and attending classes for years and seeing no real change to my physique. Then I started working out with Jay. I have never been so physically fit, seen such improvement in my physique or felt as good about my body as I did when working out with Jay. Training with Jay is tough but good fun! He gets results.

Kirstie Mallaney, UK

Here we are getting the body and mind activated. We are kick starting the metabolism and activating muscle groups.
We will start developing and building work routines that will begin attacking unwanted fat. With the routines we will also begin to build muscle all over the body
This is where we ramp up the workout. Adding more repetitions to the workouts, adding challenging isolated core exercises and all over body exercises to push your body towards results.
By the third week we are cooking on gas. We are adding to the intensity, ramping up the work load and will be challenging you with exercises that will challenge your torso, resistance levels and work routines.
  • Lose up to 8 lbs of fat
  • Gain muscle and help tone your body shape .
  • Wear the clothes you want and feel amazing in them.
  • Feel confident when taking the children swimming.
  • Feel amazing when attending a party in your new outfit.
  • Have so much more energy.
  • Increase your sex appeal.
  • Feel confident taking your top off, not hiding your body .
  • Save a shed load of money on gym membership.
  • Become more mobile
  • Have a better body posture and mobility
  • Make friends envious of your new figure.
  • Enjoy your reflection in the mirror
  • Build your eating habits
Yeah But This Is Probably Just Like All The Other Programmes. Wrong…
I’ve dedicated my heart and soul into this programme to ensure you achieve the maximum results possible. I take great pride in ensuring people get the best possible programme to achieve the best possible results.
As a military fitness instructor I spent 2 years training recruits from the very basic levels of fitness to elite levels of fitness, and in the process created lean muscular soldiers, with only traces of body fat.
The training programme would last over a period of 32 weeks, and consisted of 3 phases.
My role was to plan and deliver programmes for each troop I took through, with most troops consisting of 60 people.
I sometimes would be responsible for up to 240 Marines training regime at one time.
I would have to ensure my programmes were structured and flawless.
This required detailed planning when programming to condition the recruits for each phase they had to contend with.
Many of our recruits shredded fat very quickly and formed muscle with routines that concentrated on bursts of high intensity using only own body weight exercises, we do the same at our fitness classes to achieve MASSIVE results.
This was key to their development to be able to handle the demands of training.
I have personally trained over 500 PT clients all have required detail planning and have followed the same formula all along to achieve amazing fat loss, and muscle gains, and fantastic sculpted bodies.
All of my clients have experienced my unique training methods that you wont ever see from any civilian trainer
This has helped them to achieve the body they have dreamed off.
So when it comes to the question is this just another programme,
The attention to detail, the TOP SECRET blueprint, the results all speak for themselves,



Within this video you are going to receive high quality coaching of all the routines that you are going to be following. You will be shown how to perform the exercises and how to put the workout together.
There is absolutely no equipment needed for the workouts that you take part in. The routines that you will follow can be carried out in your own home easily and safely.
Direct Download of Programme, You will be sent a password to access video clips.



In this manual you will receive the TOP SECRET step by step written guide to the 3 stage coaching programme. It explains the exercises & routines, so that you can easily just follow along to achieve maximum results.
Instant PDF download



Add these amazing recipes to your healthy eating routine. They are easy to follow and create and will provide your body with all the fuel and goodness it needs to help you burn fat.
Instant PDF download
The aim here is to help as many people as possible that’s why I want to add these FREE bonuses into the package.
I know how tight money is in todays world, so take these as a gift to help with your development and performance following the programming.


BONUS 1- Basic Mobility

In this video I will show you a selection of  mobility/flexibility exercises for your legs. You will be coached how to perform routines that will help you perform 100% better then you ever have before. This is an easy to follow and in the comfort of your own home.
In this video I will show you how build mobility/flexibility in your torso and lower back. I will coach you so that you improve your range of movement and posture during exercises and everyday life.
In this video we will show you techniques, routines that are going to unlock your upper body and fully prepare you for your workouts. This will be easy to follow and will vital to your development.
Direct Download of Programme, You will be sent a password to access video clips.



Warming up is vital, and is often missed from most workouts and a lot of the time its difficult to know how to warm up, what exercises in what order to do. Without warming up properly you can be at risk from injury, which will just set you back. So in this bonus video, I have put together x 2 easy to follow along warm ups that will get you ready for your workout routines ahead.
Direct Download of Programme, You will be sent a password to access video clips.


Combat Fat Ebook

In this E book I have put together 14 fat loss tips that will help improve your knowledge and also help with your development to achieve the body you are looking for.

Instant PDF download


£15 £69

This programme is very unique and has been specially put together from my training in the MILITARY.
As I said before you won’t find this programme from any civilian trainer.
Because of it’s uniqueness and structure this complete programme is worth.
However.. Your be Amazed At The Actual Cost
I know that not many people can afford this price, & I haven’t created a product to only help a few people who can afford it.
I really want to help out as many people as possible.
So I have decided to massively drop the price to what I feel is affordable for everybody serious about changing their life.
I’m practically giving this product away,
You are not going to pay £417 , or even it’s normal retail price £69
This programme is now only

£15 £69

If you leave this page, you will not be taking positive action towards your life. You will go back to what doesn’t work, waste more time in pain, looking for a solution.

£15 £69

Let’s look at the benefits,

  • You will lose body fat, your body will change shape.
  • You wont have to spend wasted money on gym memberships that you never reach your potential.
  • You won’t have to spend thousands of pounds on personal trainers to help you achieve the results you can achieve with this programme at a fraction of the cost in your own home.
  • You don’t have to feel self conscience about working out at the gym.
  • You don’t have to stress trying to run out of the door to make your class or gym, you can do this in your own front room.
  • You can continuously use the programme to further your results, destroy fat, build muscle and sculpt that dream body.

£15 £69

Loosing weight and getting fit has to be one of life’s hardest challenges. Total dedication with genuine passion for “getting fit – staying fit “comes from James. No session is ever the same, each one is fun but hard. Overall I have lost 6 stone with James programming. Training at least three sessions a week and following James’s eating plan , I achieved my goal. Not only have I lost the weight but I feel amazing, and much more confident.

Sadie Yapp East sussex

Can you imagine clicking off this page not purchasing this programme and NOT changing your life?

  • You will continue with the same old workouts that don’t work.
  • You will be where I was wasting time with training that just isn’t giving you results.
  • You will continue with that constant niggle in your head of how to solve your problem of shifting fat loss,
  • You’ll end up on the sofa looking at everyone else’s great results and you will just become more frustrated.
  • You will waste more precious time trying to turn your life around.
  • You will continue to be self conscious of taking your top off, or going swimming with your children.
  • You wont be able to fit into the clothes you really want to.


Or do you want to get off of that sofa, change your life, burn that unwanted fat, develop new muscle, form your 6 pack and wear the clothes you want to?

£15 £69

Q. Am I going to be fit enough to take part in this programme?

YES!! The beauty of this programme is that no matter how unfit you are, no matter what your weight you will be able to take part in these workouts. The uniqueness of this programme is that you can work to your own level and achieve results.

Q. Will I need to use any equipment in this programme?

NO. This programme is entirely own bodyweight and there is no equipment used at any point.

Q. I’m already pretty fit, is this programme still beneficial?

Absolutely ! The programme will challenge the fitness levels you have and help you condition your 6 pack and the rest of your body.

Q. Do I need lots of space to be able to follow this workout.

You can do this programme in your own front room. The exercises and routines only require an area of 2m squared area.

£15 £69